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Fun Stuff to do in Asia

It is often hard to narrow down that which tourist attraction is more important to visit while traveling to a different continent where there are many must-see places. The situation gets more complicated when it comes to deciding about the most attractive places in Asia.

Travelers are generally addictive to visit Asia due to so many and varied attractions of this continent. Incredible history, amazing landscapes, architecture, inspiring art and such a diverse range of cultures are mind-blowing.

It was obviously quite a Challenge for us to come up with things to do in Asia as there are so many to choose from.

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Fun Stuff To Do at the Smithsonian

If you are under the impression that the Smithsonian is nothing more than a single stuffy museum where only dust-covered PhD’s go on their days off, then man oh man have you got another thing coming!

1 <h1>Fun Stuff To Do at the Smithsonian</h1>Hi guys, it’s Shelby again, and I’m here in Washington DC, capitol of the United States and probably one of the most fun places to be in North America.  Don’t believe me?  Well, let’s just take a bit of a closer look at the Smithsonian so that you understand where I’m coming from.


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Athens, Greece is one of those cities

There are some cities so ancient that you can literally feel the age radiating off of the buildings, sometimes out of the very ground.

Hi guys, it’s me again, Shelby, and I have to admit that I was absolutely floored when Ralph told me that we were going to Athens.“The Athens?” I said, astounded. “You mean like Athens, Greece?”

Athens Greece Gallery2 300x225 Athens, Greece is one of those citiesAnyone who knows me understands that history is one of my fetishes. I mean, I love a good party and getting out and being active is a must for me, but being able to visit a place that is as steeped in history as Athens is was the chance of a lifetime.

Did you know that Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities? That’s right; it has a recorded history that dates back some 3,400 years. That is a long, long time. But it isn’t just the fact that it is old that makes Athens so fascinating, it is the fact that the roots of modern western civilization and the birth of democracy can be traced back to this very city.

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