Fun Stuff to do in Asia

It is often hard to narrow down that which tourist attraction is more important to visit while traveling to a different continent where there are many must-see places. The situation gets more complicated when it comes to deciding about the most attractive places in Asia.

Travelers are generally addictive to visit Asia due to so many and varied attractions of this continent. Incredible history, amazing landscapes, architecture, inspiring art and such a diverse range of cultures are mind-blowing.

It was obviously quite a Challenge for us to come up with things to do in Asia as there are so many to choose from.

Get a motorbike and cruise in Vietnam:-


Vietnam is the only country in Asia that is overcrowded with motorbikes. Riding down the coastal roads can be the very amazing thing to do in Vietnam, especially when you are on famous Highway 1 and the less visited central highlands.



Riding at your own leisure through un-spoilt villages, rice terraces, and countryside can be the better way to experience the best scenery in south East Asia.

You may find out an excellent motorbike infrastructure throughout the entire country. Every town has its own spares and repair shops that have second-hand bikes to be had. You must ensure before the ride that you are covered by your travel insurance and are confident enough to enjoy the ride.

Ha Long Bay Vietnam:-


This bay is a must-visit as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Over 3000 islands exist in it and about 1600 people are living here in floating villages. You should go for a cruise to experience life from the water so that you may make the most of your visit.

You will be left amazed with the awesome beauty of nature. This definitely is a must-visit place.

Watch the Thaipusam in Penang:-


This one is certainly not for the squeamish. Thaipusam is a Hindu festival that is held in Malaysia each year. The largest most ostentatious celebration is held in Penang where people come by shaving their head and participate in a pilgrimage carrying a Kavadi (a big iconic sculpture of one of the Hindu Gods).

The most attractive thing that is worth watching in Thaipusam is the incredible body piercing that takes place. This isn’t about a tongue stud or a nose ring. The great long skewers kind of needles is threaded through the body parts.

Rainbow Family Village Taiwan:-


An old man named Huang Yung-Fu, also known as Grandpa Rainbow began to paint a little while ago. He lived in a military dependents village and one day he made a decision to turn it into a more colorful place. It really is a beautiful location with a unique story.

Watching the colors will make you love this place and it will move you deep inside your heart. If you have traveled to Asia and couldn’t manage to go this place then your visit was definitely a total waste of time and money.

Visit these places doing the fun stuff in Asia and enjoy your tour.